WWG Foundation is the idea of three masters “Maestri Gelatieri,with a long experience and a great passion for Italian Artisan Gelato: Sergio ColalucciSergio Dondoli and Giancarlo Timballo

Sergio Colalucci

Artisan Gelato maker, in 1980 he starts working with his father in the family business and in 1990 he becomes the owner. He deepens his knowledge about “Planet Gelato” first by taking part in numerous vocational training courses, and then with targeted studies in Food Science and roundtables with italian and foreign collegues and leading companies.

He’s been teaching at Ciga Hotel Costa Smeralda since 2003 and at ALMA since 2012. In 2004 he occupies the third place in “Gelato in Tavola” event and in 2006 he wins the Gelato World Cup during the Sigep event, in Rimini.

Carpigiani Gelato University expert consultant since 2001, he has been honoured by Gibellina town for his Gelato excellence, and by “Il Gelatiere Italiano” magazine for being a milestone in gastronomical Gelato all over the world.

Often starring in tv-shows and Gelato events, he represented the new frontier of gastronomical Gelato at “Good” fair in Udine in 2011. He has been serving as a Commissioner in Gelato World Cup in many issues.

He has taken part in several “Slow Food” events.

At EXPO Milano 2015 he presented both traditional and innovative Gelato flavours inside the “Il Gelato delle Regioni” project.


Sergio Dondoli

He grew up in the enthusiasm and passion for handicrafts.
He spent 18 years of his life travelling throughout Europe gaining culinary experience and valuable skills both as a restaurateur and as a Gelato maker.

In 1992 he opens his famous Gelateria di Piazza in the very heart of San Gimignano. This is the one and only Gelato-shop mentioned by Lonely Planet amongst the ten “Best Gourmet Places in the World” in 2011, and in the same year Sergio was honoured as Gourmet Personality of the Year by Fisar.

He currently serves as vice-president of CO.GEL – FIPE (National Commitee of Gelato-makers of the Public Businesses Italian Federation).
He is professor in Gelato University.
He has been serving as a Commissioner in Gelato World Cup in many issues.
He has taken part in several “Slow Food” events.

He is also Ambassador of Italian Artisan Gelato in the World.

At EXPO Milano 2015 Sergio Dondoli presented his specialty Crema di Santa Fina®.

In 2016 he received the MAM Prize Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere.

Giancarlo Timballo

Born in Udine, Giancarlo starts to work for the wine family business. timballoAt age 30, a huge crisis in the sector leads him to change his trade, that’s when the gourmet nature with a passion for Gelato reveals itself and starts to influence Giancarlo’s choices.

The first step, as his parents always told him, is to learn the secrets of the new profession.

In this journey Giancarlo meets the masters of modern artisan gelato: Carlo Pozzi, Luca Caviezel, Fulvio Scolari, Enzo Vannozzi, Donata Pancera who fascinate him making his curiosity and dedication grow from day to day.

In 1985, together with his wife Paola, he opens his Gelateria Fiordilatte in Udine.

In 2000 Giancarlo Timballo is president of CO.GEL – FIPE (National Commitee of Gelato-makers of the Public Businesses Italian Federation).

In 2003, along with some prestigious colleagues, he is the founding member of the Gelato World Cup and until 2016 he serves as president.

Giancarlo is also a well-known educator, since 1996 he teaches and trains students and future Gelato Chefs.